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Osher Eidelman loves cooking for people. Even as a boy, Osher would return home from school to explore the cook books of Claudia Roden and Israel Aharoni, and prepare recipes for the first time. As a teenager and then a young soldier he cooked for his mates and realized his desire to learn the culinary arts, which led him to Australia where he eventually became a chef. Eidelman’s skills offer a rare combination of qualified chef, clinical dietitian and food technologist. His cooking style can be described as eclectic, drawing inspiration from Middle-Eastern, European and Asian cuisines with healthy adaptations. Osher’s passion is to create a healthier cuisine without compromising on seasoning, rich flavors, high quality ingredients and attention to detail. As a chef, he likes intense flavors, a variety of texture and color, and plenty of herbs and spices. The fusion between high-end cooking and healthy concepts creates a vibrant plate of joy – full of creativity and never ending surprise.


Osher Eidelman studied culinary arts at William Angliss Institute of TAFE in Melbourne, Australia. There he worked in well-known restaurants for 7 years, specializing in butchery, local fish and seafood, and menu planning. Whilst living “down under” he was introduced to various cuisines and new cultures. ultimately Eidelman’s unique cooking style is influenced by the talented chefs he has worked with and his extensive academic studies. With 14 years of experience under his belt, Eidelman can confidently say that healthier food doesn’t have to be boring or dietetic, it can be nourishing and indulging in the same time; it’s all in the technique. Today Osher teaches theoretical and practical cooking classes at the Israeli institute of culinary arts “Bishulim”, and is a guest lecturer for middle eastern cuisine at SWISSAM, a culinary art academy in Saint Petersburg, Russia. He delivers his culinary doctrine in healthy cooking and baking classes, training kitchen brigades of new and experienced cooks in Israel and overseas, various lectures on topics in the field of nutrition, the science behind our food and molecular cuisine.


Osher Eidelman is a graduate of two bachelors: nutrition science (B.Sc) and food sciences (B.sc) at Tel-Hai Academic College. After one year of internships in hospitals and clinics he became a registered dietitian (RD). Eidelman raised the banner for promoting public health and nutrition, which can be noted in his professional practice: creating adjusted menus and recipes according to special needs, consulting services for food caterers of children and adults, lectures and cooking demonstrations on nutrition and healthy cooking. As a food technologist he delivers solutions to research and development of food products to the food industry, from recipe testing to food safety. Eidelman is the chef and presenter for “Starkist” company in 2016, and collaborating with various leading companies such as Tnuva, Nestle , and Salt of the Earth.


Chef Eidelman conducts cooking demos and lectures to hospitality professionals together with foodies and cooking enthusiastics. His healthy food workshops are based on his life cooking experience and scientific knowledge. As TV host, he delivers a professional and entertaining experience to a wide range of crowds. In addition, private dinners are his secret passion. Together with his team, he cooks custom made gourmet dinners to 10-25 guests, all according to the customer needs, which ensures an exciting and tasty event.


recipe image
Spicy Libyan Stew
Spicy Libyan Stewclose

If cooking like a Libyan grandma is your aspiration, I can help you.
This traditional fish stew is served on Shabat dinner table with plenty of Challah bread or fluffy Cous-cous

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spiced Roasted Pumpkin
spiced Roasted Pumpkinclose

Wanna take a trip to Morocco? No need to book an expensive flight or renew your passport. just have a look at this quick and tasty recipe

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Salmon Gravlax
Salmon Gravlaxclose

An all time classic that always deliver and never disappoint.
The beetroot is what makes this recipe a bit odd but it also adds vibrant colour
and a mild earthy taste that compliments the salmon.

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Koubeh Soup
Koubeh Soupclose

A true winter warmer from the Jewish-Iraqi cuisine.
tender semolina dumplings in a rich beetroot soup
makes you wanna hug the chef

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Eggplant Steak
Eggplant Steakclose

These days veggies are getting centre stage attention.
To achieve the steak sensation, we need to use intense flavourings and unique cutting technique,
so that the result is tender and juicy eggplants surrounded by caramelized veggies.

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Vegetarian Sambusak
Vegetarian Sambusakclose

sambusak? samosa? empanadas?
name it however you’d like.
one thing is for sure,
these tasty little pastries will be snacked in no time!

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